Get Featured on MMB! 

Have a following on social media? Whether you’re a beauty or lifestyle influencer, makeup artist or both, we’d love to feature you within the MMB app! The process for that is super simple:

Step 1:

Identify your favorite makeup tip, trick or trend that is true to your brand and will resonate with your followers. 1-3 steps (ie: how to apply cream blush, smoky eye look, pop of color look)

Step 2:

Send MMB a high-res photo of yourself after applying the look or products (& if possible a video of yourself applying the look) and MMB will feature you in the app with a tutorial that allows every user to get your look

Step 3:

Send MMB a short bio and a link to your social/site. MMB will create a bio unit on you with a link to your channel, driving new users from the app to you  

Step 4:

Co-Promotion on Social: MMB will co-promote your feature across all our social channels, in turn you will ideally drive your fans to your feature in the app

Step 5:

Be seen as an innovator and provide great value to your fans by letting them get a personalized tutorial of your look right on their selfie