“We’ve been looking for something like this for a while — a program which actually teaches you step-by-step rather than just showing your face with the color already applied”.

Bridget Dolan, Sephora

“In partnership with Map My Beauty, Sephora will debut what it’s calling the first-of-its-kind, cross-platform personal virtual make-up artist application that demystifies contouring, a growing beauty trend.”


“It’s a virtual makeup artist that pretty much tells you how and where to apply your products based on the topography of your face and features. It’s that customized and distinct as DNA.”


“I found it to be quicker and more efficient than a YouTube tutorial”

-Alexandra Perron

Yahoo Beauty

“It will not only help sell more makeup,” says Bridget Dolan of Sephora,

“but it will also help sell the right makeup.”


“Contouring Just Got Easier, Thanks to This Genius Sephora Mobile App”