contour_imageLook good in selfies. Contouring is a pro technique that enhances yoru facial structure. The most important thing with contouring is to understand your face shape, and then enhance that shape. Luckily, we do all the work for you, so you can simply follow step-by-step directions on your selfie. Follow closely, and remember to contour only with matte products and never with your shimmery bronzer – thats for something completely different: to give you a sun-kissed glow, which you can always do after a bit of contour. And a little goes a long way: the best compliment on your contouring technique is that no one notices a thing. You want to look like you. Here’s a guide for the oval face shape.

STEP 1: Define your face shape by gently applying your matt contouring product along your jawline (but not under your chin), under your cheekbones and along the temples. You can do it all in one sweeping movement to avoid creating any lines.

STEP 2: Add another layer just directly under the cheekbones, and on each side of the bridge of your nose.

As contouring differs for each face shape, click here to see the guide mapped out on your selfie.