fiveminEasy Everyday Makeup Routine. As powerful women, we’re all incredibly busy so we may not have the luxury of taking thirty minutes to get ready every morning – Enter in, the 5 minute makeup. This simple makeup look focuses on clean classics and neutrals that will have you looking great in just 5 minutes.

STEP 1: Use concealer to cover any dark spots or blemishes on your forehead, under and around our eyes and chin and down the sides of your nose.

STEP 2: Blend cream blush up into your hairline and dab any excess color on your temples and up to your forehead for a subtle, sunny glow.

STEP 3: Swipe eyeliner only along the outer corners of your upper and lower lash lines, blending with an eyeliner brush, and finish off with mascara and your favorite lip gloss.

Click here to learn this easy and quick 5 minute makeup tutorial on you based on your unique features.