naturalmakeupPerfectly Bare Face. We all want to look like #Iwokeuplikethis, but it’s not easy to determine, which products will look the most natural, or which features to highlight. This Natural Makeup tutorial shows you exactly what products to use and were to place them to look naturally beautiful, fresh and flawless.

STEP 1: After using concealer where you need it, lightly line your lower lashes with brown eyeliner from the outer corners just to the center, using a brush to blur the lines for the most natural look.

STEP 2: Define your brows with brow pencil or powder and apply one coat of mascara on the top lashes, wiggling the wand from the very base of the lashes to the tips.

STEP 3: Dab blush to your cheekbones and finger-blend up toward your hairline for a natural flush.


To find out the perfect placement of the eyeliner and the blush on your face, as well as the ideal eyebrow shape for you, click here to see the tutorial on your selfie.