blueeyeshadowNatural, Navy Smokey Eyes. Want to channel your inner supermodel? Hop on the blue eyeshadow bandwagon we’ve seen at every fashion show. With the right application, this bright and bold look can go way beyond the runway – from the office to date night and anywhere in-between. Here’s a natural take on this makeup trend.

STEP 1: To make your eyeshadow last longer, first apply a small amount of primer to your entire eyelid and blend gently.

STEP 2: Dab white eyeshadow to the inside corner of your eyelid and under your eyebrows.

STEP 3: Apply a dark blue shade along the upper lash line and gently blend it up to the crease. Then apply a dark blue shade along the lower lash line and blend it downwards.

To find out exactly where to apply your blues, click here to start your personalized tutorial.