fempireBold, Beautiful Pout for Fall. As the leaves turn colors, dark vampy lips are one of our favorite go-tos. Deep plum and oxblood shades always look sophisticated, powerful and sexy. Here are the steps to pull it off and to make it last from the morning meeting to dinner.

STEP 1: Our favorite lipstick trick is to add concealer to your lips first to neutralize your natural lip tone and prime them for lipstick.

STEP 2: Using a lip brush dipped in dark plum or oxblood toned lipstick, map out the lip shape you want to achieve, staying close to your natural line, and fill in your lips. Then blot lips with a tissue and reapply to add intensity and longevity. Finally cover with a coat of clear lip gloss for shine.

STEP 3: When using a dark lipstick, we also recommend highlighting the the highest points of your face like your cheekbones and eyebrow arches to complement the bold lips.

To learn how to channel your inner fempire (play on ‘feminine’ and ’empire’!), click here and follow a personalized step-by-step tutorial.