redlipstickLook Instantly Glamorous and Powerful. With a few simple steps, anyone can pull off a perfect red lip, and feel fierce and fabulous for any occasion. With a bright and bold red lipstick, you want to keep your other products subtle; it’s all about the products complimenting each other. You also want to make sure your red lipstick has staying power and that it doesn’t smudge outside the liplines.

STEP 1: Lightly tap on concealer in a triangle under your eyes, along the nose, and in any dark or other trouble spots. Apply a light coat of foundation if you want additional coverage.

STEP 2: Brighten the face by applying highlighter down the bridge of your nose and blush in the center of your cheeks, blending towards the top of your ear.

STEP 3: Line and fill your lips entirely with lipliner to create a base for the lipstick and then apply the color either directly from the tube or with a lipstick brush starting from the center of the lips, working outward until the color looks smooth and your mouth is well defined.

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